Click | Hair growth revealed: Reasons, data and our foolproof formula

In the process and search for perfect hair, many of us find ourselves facing the challenging dilemma of hair loss and stagnant growth. A problem that goes beyond aesthetics, affecting our confidence and emotional well-being. The search for solutions is often a complex journey, with numerous products and advice, promising results that often do not materialize.

But what if we told you that we have found what is behind hair loss and we have the secret to not only stop it, but also trigger faster hair growth? Learn from the reasons for stagnation to the definitive solution: our Click treatment.

It is crucial to first understand why sometimes it seems that our hair stagnates in its growth or from one moment to the next we begin to see that it falls out without explanation. However, there are always reasons that cause this, we are going to tell you some so that you can identify your process and start fighting the fall:

Reasons for stagnation and excessive hair loss:
  • Excessive use of heat tools.
  • Abuse of aggressive chemicals.
  • Lack of adequate hydration.
  • Using products not suitable for your hair type.
  • Genetics that predispose to slower growth.
  • Hormonal imbalances that affect hair health.
  • High levels of stress can trigger hair loss.
  • Sudden physical changes can also contribute.
  • Deficiency of vitamins such as biotin and minerals such as iron.
  • Unbalanced diet that affects hair health.
  • Autoimmune diseases that affect hair follicles.
  • Medical conditions such as dysregulated thyroid.

In the world of hair care, the solution lies not only in stopping hair loss, but in addressing the problem from the root, promoting healthy and long-lasting growth. We recognize the importance of nourishing your hair with the best that nature has to offer, because after realizing that the solution was there, we created an intensive treatment that changed the market with hundreds of testimonials from people who have benefited from its formula.

How to solve hair loss once and for all and have long hair?

Vitamins and natural ingredients, the infallible formula to make a complete turnaround in your hair loss, stopping it and accelerating its growth. This is when we say, you need a chili tonic and a vitamin supplement and we know exactly which ones and why.

Pelinex chili hair tonic:

The unique combination of chili pepper and caffeine in a hair tonic plays a crucial role in stimulating growth. Chili pepper, rich in capsaicin, increases blood circulation in the scalp, thus improving the delivery of essential nutrients to the follicles. Additionally, caffeine, known for its ability to block the DHT hormone responsible for hair loss, acts as a powerful stimulant that activates hair follicles. Together, these natural ingredients create a dynamic duo that not only accelerates growth, but also strengthens hair from the roots, providing vitality and health to each strand, even being able to combat alopecia.

Vitamin gummies :

Supplementing with vitamins is essential to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss, as they play a crucial role in maintaining hair health. Collagen, for example, contributes to hair structure and elasticity, while inositol promotes hair follicle growth and health. Vitamin C triggers the production of collagen and facilitates the absorption of iron, essential for the transport of oxygen to the follicles. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, protecting hair cells from damage. On the other hand, vitamin B2 is essential for cellular metabolism and energy production, which directly influences hair vitality.

In addition to these, other B complex vitamins, such as biotin (B7) and niacin (B3), play a crucial role in hair growth and scalp health. These vitamins not only strengthen existing hair, but also promote the development of new follicles. By integrating these vitamins into your diet or through supplements, you are providing your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to stay strong, healthy and resistant to loss.

Benefits of Click Treatment
  • Stops hair loss: A powerful formula that stops hair loss at its source.
  • Accelerates Growth: Actively stimulates hair follicles for faster, healthier growth.
  • Fight alopecia.
  • Improves hair structure: From roots to ends, strengthens and improves hair health.
  • Provides shine and softness.

This duo has changed hundreds of growth processes, as it generates a total change both in the external part of the fiber and in the internal structure of the follicles, the scalp and the strand. A human hair grows on average 1.25cm per month, however this extreme growth duo can achieve growth of up to 3cm per month.

Combine both processes, the application of the Chili Pepper Tonic on the scalp and massage it, every day in the morning and at night, as it does not require rinsing, and combine it with the consumption of Hair Gummies, with a dose of two a day and you will see a before and after, you will finally put an end to this problem that has been affecting you for so long.

To further enhance the hair growth process, we recommend incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine:

  • Balanced diet
  • Adequate hydration
  • Avoid stress
  • Scalp care: Use mild shampoos and conditioners, avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Regular Cut: Keep the ends of your hair healthy and strong with regular cuts. This prevents the buildup of split ends and promotes healthier growth.

By incorporating these tips into your routine along with our treatment, you will be taking additional steps to strengthen your hair from the inside out, creating an optimal environment for strong and much faster hair growth.

In conclusion, unlocking hair growth goes beyond waiting for results. Identify the causes, understand the importance and choose a treatment that promotes and attacks the true determining points that are causing this problem, the Click treatment is a formula that has been tested for more than 2 years and currently has hundreds of testimonials that confirm it. . (Put test images)