Last Minute Col | “Yes they work”: Businesswoman who cut her hair to show the effectiveness of her gummies that stimulate hair growth

In February of this year, Manuela Arbeláez, creator of the hair perfume 'Click Hair' and the company @‌yourclickcosmetics, wanted to demonstrate that her products were “the definitive formula to grow hair.”

That is why, through social networks, he decided to document the process, starting by “cutting more than 30 centimeters of his hair.”

The Paisa businesswoman comments: “it is common for brands to pay celebrities to say that their products work, but I wanted to go to the real thing, to what people want to see; That's why I dared to show my process live, so that people could witness whether the products worked or not.”

Similarly, he shares: “with the natural chili tonic and the vitamin gummies, I managed to make my hair grow more than 26 centimeters in less than 8 months”; and highlights that “on the street they always look at the length of my hair and many can't believe it.”

He also highlights: “It is not common to see this strategy on networks, which is why I firmly believe that this was the reason for our success, since many people were impacted, which resulted in skyrocketing sales of the product after generating trust by seeing month month its effectiveness.”

“I study and research for years the ingredients that I will use in each of my creations before making them, and that has been my secret to creating products that really work and allow us to achieve the desired change,” he emphasizes.

And he assures: “chili, borojó, rice, biotin, vitamin C, are just some of the components used to make the products, and they are responsible for the fact that my hair, eight months later, has grown 26 centimeters.”

'Click' continues to position itself every day in the cosmetics industry, so those who wish to learn more about the brand can visit @‌yourclickcosmetics or visit