Click | What to do when your damaged hair is in emergency?

After using dyes, bleaching your hair, being exposed to the sun for a long time, doing keratin, abusing tweezers, dryers and straighteners, even after contact with sea salt or swimming pool chemicals, your hair may be going through a case of excessive abuse, where it is no longer the same as before and the damage to the fiber begins to be noticeable.

First you must identify that your hair is requiring special care. These are some of the signs to recognize damaged hair:

  1. Increased hair loss and breakage: we have all heard a friend say the phrase “my hair is stagnant” or “my hair is not growing.” When this happens many times we are left thinking that it is because it really does not grow or it grows slower than everyone else, however, this is one of the most common signs of damaged hair, usually it is not a growth issue but rather of extreme wear of the strand, which leads to it becoming weak and just combing it, washing it or picking it up, means it breaks, apparently it looks like falling and decreasing volume, but it is probably not from the roots but the result of a brittle strand.
  2. Dull and coarse hair: hair has oils and natural hydration due to the nutrients it has, however mistreatment causes it to lose its natural shine, generating an imbalance in sebum production that is evident in the loss of elasticity and flexibility, noticeable when it is no longer shiny or smooth, does not feel silky and loses its fluid movement.
  3. Loss of shape and structure: abusing chemical procedures, such as straightening, directly affects the internal structure of the fiber, completely modifying it by breaking bonds that are very difficult to recover over a long period of time, which means that the initial shape of the hair It is lost to the point where the natural hair type is no longer recognized, natural curls or waves can be lost and you end up with shapeless hair.
  4. Increased frizz and hairpin: mistreated hair can be recognized by a noticeable increase in frizz caused by a lack of hydration, which causes the hair strand to deteriorate and generate porosity and with this the easy detachment of the layers, which is evidenced in the frizz and the hairpin, not only at the ends but along the entire length of the hair.

If by reading these signs, you have identified with the changes in your hair, it is an alert to consider that your hair needs help and the ideal way to recover it from this damage caused is with a hair restoration process.

What is hair restoration about?

It is a treatment designed and designed to bring life back to hair, through the recovery of proteins, water, lipids, nutrients and minerals that it has lost, it is an intense process of deep repair. If you realize that you are going through this, that your hair is screaming emergency, we recommend that you start with this extra care as soon as possible because if you continue with exposure to the agents that mistreat it, it could cause increasingly serious damage. and complex to restore.

How to recover damaged hair?

To transform your hair you need to start treating it with specialized hair care products, which are designed for extreme nutrition, such as Click Hair Energizer , a product that acts like redbull for hair, that is, it enhances its recovery and stimulates transformation. of the fiber thanks to its Plex Technology and its content of stem cells, caffeine, amino acids, rice protein, ceramides, borojo, rosemary and other ingredients that make it an extreme fiber repairer, as it fills and repolarizes it, while stimulating cell regeneration and growth.

But you can definitely carry out your change process to recover your damaged hair with what we call the “ Repair Bomb ” which is a mixture of Hair Energizer with Hair Honey, which together are the infallible formula for restoration.

Click Hair Honey is a natural product based on bee honey, which also contains powerful oils such as macadamia and argan and its main function is to provide deep hydration to the fiber, delivering the oils that are required to nourish the strand and reduce dryness, provide flexibility, shine and softness.

These two products are mixed and work as a powerful restorer that can be used and left applied for at least half an hour before washing your hair or if you need deeper hydration you can leave it applied overnight and rinse the next day. We recommend you do this, on average, 2 to 3 times a week, and complement it with the other products of the hair line such as the chili and borojo Shampoo, the Stem Cell Conditioner and the Reconstruction Serum, which will accelerate the restoration process. and you will see that with perseverance your hair shines again, it becomes extra soft, you forget about split ends, it looks longer, it will not fall out and it will also smell delicious.