Click Cosmetics!

We are strong women, we are Click.

Click Cosmetics is a company created with the purpose of enriching the lives of women, providing excellent quality beauty solutions, generating new job and business opportunities throughout Colombia.

We are committed to excellence, professionalism in each product, passionate about service and with a foundation formed on values ​​such as respect, teamwork and professional and human growth.

By Manuela Aristizabal – Founder

hair perfume

The cosmetics brand Click Cosmetics with its proposal: a “natural, light, fresh and resistant to anything” perfume, becomes an option to nourish and protect your hair.

It is a perfume specialized in the hair area, a product in the form of a spray that combats the bad smell of hair caused by humidity, dirt, grease, sweat and contaminated smoke:

They are inspired by citrus, floral, sweet and tropical aromas of plant origin to create the perfect smell and are differentiated in an original way, each one with a different color.

They are special perfumes that last, ideal for quiet outings, events of the year or those days when you want to feel empowered.


Spiritual balance and personal care

Many times it happens to us that we are in a low mood, but there is nothing that a good break or playlist cannot solve.

That is the importance of dedicating quality time to ourselves and even to the people we love the most. It is a recharge of emotional connection that unites us and allows us to feel that we are alive. And well, if you got this far it's because you just need to read this: Self-care goes from what we eat to what we use.

Have you ever wondered when was the last time you spent at least an hour just for yourself?

Well, pampering yourself, taking care of yourself, your hair while reading a good book or listening to your favorite songs is an excellent option.