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Our Click Gumites are a dose of vitamins and minerals created to nourish your body and stimulate the growth of your hair, strengthen your nails and provide elasticity and shine on your skin.

⭐️ Hair strengthening and anti-hair

⭐️ Total restoration and brightness

⭐️ Extreme growth for your hair

⭐️ Hydration

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The perfect dose is 2 gummies a day. Each jar contains 60 gummies with no added sugar.

This incredible product has been tested for more than 1 year measuring its effectiveness in combating vitamin deficiency in the body, facilitating their absorption and digestion and preventing hair loss and thinning, nail weakness and skin dehydration. .

Our vitamins have no contraindications. You can consume them while pregnant or breastfeeding and we recommend doing so from 4 years of age , in addition to consulting your doctor to guide the process.

Vitamin B5: these vitamins are not stored by your body, so you must consume them from outside. Failure to do so causes hair loss, brittle nails and skin rashes. Stimulates the root of the hair follicle, improving its elasticity to prevent hair loss and the effects of androgenic alopecia

Collagen: provides the necessary nutrients for the root cells, thanks to its composition of essential amino acids, counteracts hair loss and keeps hair strong and resistant.

Inositol: fights the hormonal disorder of stress and anxiety that causes hair loss and thinning. It has moisturizing properties.

Biotin: contributes to the formation of amino acids for the production of keratin, essential for restoring the nascent hair fiber, nails and skin.

Vitamin C: neutralizes the production of free radicals that damage hair, making it weak and thin, while combating hair loss, stimulating collagen production

Vitamin B3: contributes to the metabolism of proteins responsible for the shine, softness and volume of hair.

Vitamin B9: necessary for cell regeneration, stimulating hair follicles, strengthening hair and promoting growth.

The average delivery time for orders is 2 to 3 business days for the main cities (Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena De Indias, Bucaramanga and Manizales) and up to 6 business days for other areas of Colombia.

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Delivery time is counted in business days, orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays start counting until the next business day.

Customer Reviews

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Si sirven

No solo me creció el pelo, las uñas las tengo super largas



I've been using the products for years and I definitely wouldn't change them for anything! The aroma and texture of each one is unmatched.

Valeria Alzate
Medellin, Col

Impressed with the changes in my hair, it has grown so much, super strong, shiny and healthy!

Carolina higuita
Pereira, Col

I fall in love with this brand with every new product it releases, they are all spectacular

Sofia Ramirez
Bogotá, Col
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